Brink Attorneys specializes in criminal law in the broadest sense. This means that legal assistance can of course be provided in the event of suspicion of theft, extortion, destruction, healing, money laundering, sex offenses and murder or manslaughter, but also in case of suspected violation of the Opium Act, the Weapons and Ammunition Act or the Road Traffic Act or the Economic Act. Offenses. This is just a selection; any criminal connection justifies the use of Brink Attorneys.

Companies can also be affected by the special interest of the police or the public prosecution service. Not only can they themselves – as a legal person – become the subject of criminal investigation or criminal prosecution, but directors, employees or other involved parties – whether or not actually managerial – can be subject to criminal investigation or criminal prosecution. It is also possible that a company becomes involved in criminal investigations against a third party and that, for example, the company is seized. In all these cases Brink is able to provide adequate legal assistance.

Brink also offers services for surrender and extradition issues and other cross-border criminal matters.

Brink is also at home in juvenile or minor criminal law. Minor criminal law differs from adult criminal law in criminal matters: the legal rules that apply in prosecution and trial deviate from the rules in adult criminal law. Juvenile criminal law also has a different system of criminal modalities. Under certain circumstances, minors can be tried under adult criminal law and since the introduction of so-called adolescent criminal law, young adults up to the age of 23 can be sanctioned under certain conditions with due observance of the criminal law on minors.

Even if you are injured as a result of any criminal offense, you can in principle contact Brink Attorneys. Please do not hesitate to contact mr Brink in order to discuss what the options are, for example aimed at compensation for damage.



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