Mr Henk E. Brink studied Dutch Law at the University of Leiden. He has been a lawyer since 1994.

Brink specializes in criminal (procedural) law. He works in the field of ordinary criminal law – in the broadest sense of this – as well as that of special laws, economic criminal law and international criminal law.

As a professional criminal lawyer, Brink is known as someone who puts his teeth into a case. In the first instance, he formally focuses on criminal investigations. He checks the powers, critically examines the investigative methods used and, where necessary, denounces the honesty and correctness of the police’s actions.

Brink tends to act proactively and, where possible and expedient, seeks contact with the public prosecution service at an early stage. If he sees room for this, he will urge the prosecutor to stop criminal prosecution – or to dismiss the case.

If the prosecution continues to prosecute, Brink will, where necessary and possibly also in substantive terms, question the probative value.

Over the years, Brink has assisted many suspects in various types of criminal law. Besides in (major) drug cases, cases related to violent, life- and sex offenses, he also acted in fraud cases, as well as in suspected insider dealing. He also provides his services abroad. Assisted by local counsel, it may be useful for Dutch suspects to obtain Dutch legal assistance. Brink’s broad and personal network of foreign lawyers, who can assist in the requesting country, is very useful for surrender and extradition issues. Brink has now gained experience in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Malta and Spain.

Brink is a member of the Association of Criminal Lawyers and the European Criminal Bar Association.



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